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BlogWhat Can Be Done After Your Australian Student Visa Refusal?

February 13, 2020by Vision Consultants

For what reasons your Australian Student visa refused? And what are the options for the students?

You applied for a student visa in Australia unluckily for some reason your application got refused, this can happen with any sort of visa and for different reasons. A lot of people wonder why their student visa has been rejected by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Many factors can inherit an Australian Student visa being refused.


Your student visa may have been refused or rejected for the following reasons:

  • There’s not enough information provided to prove the claims within the application
  • If the knowledge provided is wrong or has false statements made within the application
  • When the applicant doesn’t meet Australia’s health or character requirements;
  • If the applicant doesn’t meet the real Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements and therefore the intentions to review aren’t genuine
  • Insufficient funds in applicant’s checking account or lacking the specified amount of funds required to be ready to sleep in Australia for the term of their studies;
  • Bank balances are erratic and not stable, bank balances should be settled for a minimum of 3 – 6 months.

.The amount of funds required is predicated on your study tuition, and therefore the assessment level of your home country.

Some Student visa applicants are required to supply the results of an English test (IELTS). When the applicant doesn’t meet the specified score, the visa will can also be rejected, the test result must be achieved before applying for the visa.

Age can also be one among the factors for a student visa refusal, there’s no actual age limitation to use for a Student visa, although they could question the GTE for the appliance to be genuine if the applicants age differs with the common age of the grade of the study applied to.

Sometimes the interview session from the Department of 0 Protection leads to the visa not being granted because the student seemed tense or didn’t answer all questions honestly when asked and therefore the purpose of intended stay are going to be considered to be not genuine.

A previous record of the applicant’s visa history may cause Australian Student Visa Refused i.e. if the applicant has stayed illegally in Australia or a rustic aside from Australia.

If an Australian student visa refusal happens, the Australian migration law allows you to reapply. Many applicants whose visa has been rejected obtained a visa of an equivalent or a special subclass after being rejected before.

When the applicant is onshore in Australia at the time of the appliance and when the visa being rejected, the applicant will have 21 days to lodge an appeal with the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) for a review of the choice. The appeal time interval can take months and months, and therefore the applicant are going to be on a bridging visa to remain lawfully in Australia. MRT may be a very complex process; the scholar will got to provide substantial evidence on why their student visa shouldn’t being rejected.

In case of the applicant being offshore at the time of the visa being rejected, the applicant are going to be ready to apply for an equivalent or another sort of visa at any time. In most cases where the applicant provide an honest submission to MRT and extra information is sorted by the MRT, there’s an honest chance that the applicant will be successful in getting their Student visa after supplying all additional information. The applicant are going to be invited to attend the MRT Court hearing and submit their evidence of student visa. The decision of MRT is set case by case.

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