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BlogAdvicesApplying for Australian Partner Visa? Read more to find out its main types

Either you are an international students studying in college or university or you are a temporary resident in Australia and living without your spouse/partner, whether you are applying for Australian Partner Visa; is the visa for you to re-unite with your loved ones. The agony of living separately with your family and that too thousands of miles away is pretty antagonizing and ultimately takes a toll on one’s feelings, motivations and at last health. Here we want to discuss the guide lining types of Australian partner visa and depending on your individual circumstances, which one will be best suited for you and your partner.

Applying for Australian partner Visa ? Consider these Visa Types :

The first category of Australian partner visa is the Provisional Partner Visa – Sub-class 309. It is one of the most coveted and one of the popular sub-classes of Australian partner visa which grants a temporary residence to the partners of those living in Australia. The good thing is that this visa category can be converted into a permanent residency visa as well through the sub-class 100. This visa category is ideal for those who are in a de-facto relationship/partner with an Australian sponsor or are married to them. The applicant of this sub-class needs to applying from outside of the Australian borders.

The second in line to the previously discussed visa is the Permanent Partner Visa – sub-class 100. This is the ultimate type of reckoning and dream partner visa category as understandably as its name suggests, it grants the PR for the partner visa applicant and they can live indefinitely with their partner in Australia. However, it is to be noted that in order to eligible for this sub-class the applying partner need at least 2 years after their sub-class 309 temporary visa has been issued. So basically it is for those applicants who have currently the sub-class 309 temporary visa, and in order to apply the applicant must show a genuine relationship with their partner in Australia.

The third most important partner visa category comes as the Temporary Partner Visa i.e. sub-class 820 and the good thing about this visa is that it can be converted to the coveted permanent residency – sub-class 801 visa category. For this, the obvious main requirement is the same that the applying for Australian partner visa must be in a genuine de-facto relationship or married to an Australian sponsor. Also, it should be noted here that the applicant of this visa is applying from within the Australian territory at the time of application of this visa.

As discussed in the previously mentioned 820 sub-class visa category, the next in line to the partner visa categories is another Permanent Partner Visa – sub-class 801 visa which is among the permanent visa types of partner visas. The underlying requirement for this visa type is that the applicant of this visa must have currently 820 temporary visa and of course yet again to mention that they should either be in a genuine de facto relationship with an Australian sponsor or married to them at the time of application, besides of course living with your partner for a period exceeding 2 years at the time of application.

Here we discussed with you the key types for applying for Australian partner visa and which ones to be chosen by you depending on the circumstances and the current status of your visa application. It should also be noted that partner visa application must be dealt by an expert education and migration visa consultant who has experience and said expertise in the lodging of this visa.


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