Procuring an admission to a university and studying at an institute might not be a herculean task for students. But unwanted factors may be a source of disturbance such as health issues, the need to switch one’s course, the issue of maladjustment to a particular city etc.   If you are thinking to switch your course, or your institute, planning to move to another state or want to switch your employment, you can rely on Vision Consultants : Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia for all these services. Over a period of ten years, our consultancy has been successful in procuring release letters for a couple of clients and students according to their requirements. Although we do deal in provision of all types of release letters, we specifically specialize in gaining student release offer letters and provide our students with the necessary guidance to deal with their previous institution.  We assist in providing release letters if:


    • A student wishes to change his/her institute within the first six months of study


    • A student wishes to change his/her subject of study for whatever logical reasons


    • Student wants to change his/her city or state


    • Student wishes to gain release letter due to sickness or any other medical constraint  


    • Renew student’s visa in case it is about to expire before study duration


  • If a student switches from Masters to Bachelors, a new visa is required. We also assist in gaining that.

In the above conditions, our team supports students in all manners possible. However, we do not deal in gaining release letters if the student has following issues:


    • Absence of unconditional offer from other university/college


    • Unpaid and unclarified debts or payment issues with previous institute


    • Issues or noncompliance with the immigration policies


  • Is unable to provide his/her documents including a passport copy and an unconditional offer letter from other institute