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BlogTravelling to Australia in near future? Find out whether your visa category needs Overseas Health Cover.

You have been granted your desired Australia’s visa. You are over the moon at the very thought of being able to make it through the tough visa application process. But besides getting the visa, there is one other important requirement that is highly necessary and that too for your own welfare, and that is getting valid health insurance coverage. For instance, if you are a student and you had applied for student visa, which has been granted then it is highly imperative that you must fulfil the Australian health insurance cover requirements. Getting OSHC from a recognized provider is imperative to your student visa. Because students are not covered in Australian Medicare for free/low cost health care facilities and therefore, they have to be insured in case something unfortunate happens to them.

It should also be noted that non-residents who are currently in Australia or are planning to reach their in the near future must obtain valid health insurance coverage. Temporary visa holders, in general terms, do not have access to Australian health facilities. However, it can be noted that some temporary visa holders may be eligible for Reciprocal Health Care Arrangement (RHCA).

In case that RHCA does not cover temporary visa holders, than in that scenario they would need to pay directly for their health care services which they receive in Australia. In seldom cases it has also been reported that temporary visa holders do not have the means to pay for their medical costs therefore they accrue this debt. It has also been witnessed that in future they are unable to payback that accrued debt amount and therefore the government funded health care providers than have to share the burden for that. Keeping in view all this it has now become mandatory for such visa holders to have a health care insurance before landing. Following visa category holders are therefore required to have a valid overseas health cover:

    • Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Subclass 188)
    • Prospective Marriage (Subclass 300)
    • Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) (Subclass 400)
    • Investor Retirement (Subclass 405)
    • Training (Subclass 407)
    • Temporary Activity (Subclass 408)
    • Retirement (Subclass 410)
    • Working Holiday (Subclass 417)
    • Temporary Work (Skilled) (Subclass 457)
    • New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) (Subclass 461)
    • Work and Holiday (Subclass 462)
    • Skilled (Recognized Graduate) (Subclass 476)
    • Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485)
    • Skilled Regional (Provisional) (Subclass 489)
    • Student (Subclass 500)
    • Student Guardian (Subclass 590)
    • Visitor (Subclass 600)
    • Medical treatment (Subclass 602)
    • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (Subclass 601)
    • visitor (Subclass 651)
    • Tourist (Subclass 676)
    • Transit (Subclass 773)
    • Maritime Crew (Subclass 988)

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