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BlogSouth Australia announced it Skilled Occupation List for the year 2018/2019

Nomination from a state has become a saving grace for those prospective immigration applicants that are actively looking forward for a settlement option in Australia. State nomination provides extra 5 points for prospective applicants who are hoping to gain nomination in order to fulfil their Australian dream.

Pertaining to the recent point’s increase that have boosted the minimum point’s threshold from 60 to 65 has left many applicants in an awe about the future of their immigration. South Australia, a beautiful Australian territory with scenic views and great cultural and socio-economic hub, has always been welcoming to the prospective applicants. South Australia has announced its Skilled Occupation List for the year 2018/2019 for skilled nominated (sub-class 190) Permanent and Skilled Regional (sub-class 489) Provisional visa, along with some changes to the eligibility criteria for prospective applicants. The state has released a list of 172 state nominated occupations available to be nominated for visa subclass 190 and 489. It should also be noted mostly the State Nomination Occupations are either part of MLTSSL or STSOL.  A supplementary skill list of 297 occupations that are available for applicants who meet additional requirements set out by the state. Under the new arrangements, in order for international graduates of South Australia must be working for at least three months in a skilled occupation in the state rather than just have commenced working to meet the work experience requirement.

The three months work experience requirement applies to Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Higher Education graduates, regardless of which occupation list they are applying under. Previously VET graduates applying for an occupation on the Supplementary Skilled List were required to have 12 months’ skilled work experience in South Australia.

Some occupations have a requirement for international graduates of South Australia to be working in their field for the last 12 months in South Australia. Immigration South Australia says this requirement has been expanded to include international graduates who have been working for the last 6 months in their field in a country region of South Australia.

International graduates of South Australia accessing a work experience waiver via achieving Proficient English or Proficient Plus overall will now only be eligible to apply for a 489 provisional visa. 

Immigration SA says this change of provider Melbourne is to encourage an ongoing commitment to South Australia, as this group is yet to achieve skilled employment in the state. 

For the majority of occupations in which an onshore applicant can access a 190 permanent visa, this will be available to international graduates currently working for the last three months in a skilled occupation in South Australia.

International graduates accessing a waiver will need to continue to reside in South Australia post-graduation. 

To strengthen commitment to South Australia, applicants who have studied or worked in other states of Australia and not in South Australia during the last ten years, they will only be eligible for state nomination for a provisional 489 visa. Whereas those applicants who have worked or studied in South Australia, as well as other states in the last ten years, may be able to get state nomination for 190 visas if they are able to demonstrate that their clear commitment to SA.

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