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April 20, 2021by Vision Consultants

Australia Top Occupations in demand!

It has always been the matter of great debate that what are Australia Top occupations in demand ?Β  and the debate remains alighted with more and more international students wanting to move to Australia as part of their study abroad journey. Many students from developing countries including China, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are choosing Australia as their preferred destination not only for studying but also to remain there in the long run with regards to settling down in future. Some of the Australia top occupations in demand when talking about future aspects can be:

ICT professions

Information technology related professions seems to be getting a lot of attention and major chunk in the job market these days. Not only there is an abundance of job posts with regards to these professions in the job market but also the availability and the income level is also lucrative. IT field is quite broad and in there are several branches that shoot out. Out of them the most prominent ones are software engineering right now. Whether it is development of Apple based app for your business or managing app on the android platform software engineers are in high demand. Other professions in the IT sector include, digital marketing and that includes search engine optimization, social media marketing and running ad campaigns.


Accountants are always in demand no matter what because they are liable for the calculations that are critical to the businesses to remain in check. Accountants although have seen a general decline in the number of slots that have been invited in the recent PR draws when it comes to Australia but nonetheless they are god to go profession.

Mechanical engineer

Engineers of all sorts and especially the ones in the mechanical and automotive engineering field are quite in demand in Australia. Engineers have a high paying scale in Australia along with some other lucrative benefits when it comes to working in Australia. So if you are planning to study or settle in Australia then mechanical engineering may be just the right field for you.


Nursing and especially registered nurses have always been in demand in Australia and more so in these pandemic related times where the paramedics and hospital staff are in high demand throughout the world. Nurses have high demand across the continent with good working conditions and the overall paycheck is also quite worthwhile. Many females are opting to study nursing in Australia for a better future.

So if you are someone who is looking to change your course, or course provider or still in the process to define your odds of what to study in Australia then above mentioned are some of the highest demand professions. Sought after the services of MARA registered education consultant in Australia to ease up the process and to apply your application.


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