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BlogAustralia to divert new migration trends towards regional areas & int. students!

August 17, 2019by Vision Consultants

As witnessed in the last few months that the recent trends in Australian immigration show a reflecting Migration trend towards the government’s effort to pursue the regional immigration, populate and ultimately grow the regional Australia economy and also put much emphasis on international students. Australian MP in his most recent statement has also issued that ‘more skilled, the better’.

The immigration minister’s statement comes at a time when we have witnessed growing trends in a bid by the Immigration minister to increase the regional Australia. He also mentioned that international students having an edge in the Australian economy might integrate in the system quite well. He was speaking at the Sydney Institute for the first time on Tuesday evening, Mr. Coleman said immigration had been “absolutely fundamental” to Australia’s success as a nation. He said that in order for the betterment of Australian economy he would pay emphasis on regional immigration and international students. 

It should be noted here that for the year 2019 – 2020 the Australian current immigration targets stand at 160000 which is a reduction from the previously 190000. Keeping in view the major chunk of this target goes to skilled migrants of 189 and the remaining to 489 visas. The international students that arrive in Australia in hopes for a better future and secure lifestyle cash in big bucks for the Australian economy with $30 billion+ industry. In a bid to encourage more international students to study outside capital cities, an additional year will be offered to people on the post-graduate study visa for those who choose to live and work in regional areas. This is to encourage international students to stay in Australia after their studies and serve the country in their fields of expertise. 

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