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BlogAustralian Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) – What it means for you?

From the onset of the year 2019, we witnessed that the Australian government had put into force the Australian Designated Area Migration Agreement or as it is usually known as DAMA. The move was welcomed from all the corners including the professionals, international students and temporary workers who are currently in Australia. DAMA is said to have been put in force for five years in the Northern Territory where the Australian government is vying to populate with immigrants in order to boost up the economy.

When we compare with other countries around the globe, we witness that Australia is a popular and highly immigration welcoming country and that is in part due to its multicultural roots. But there’s a catch. With its high immigrant friendly society, the rules and requirements for Australian immigration are becoming strict and narrower with each year passing. It is to be noted that the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is the lowest requirement for applicants in all current entrepreneurial as well as skilled visas.

This program specific visa type is actually an employer guaranteed visa. In the form of a labor agreement, the local government than determines the list of occupations and also requires the applicants to the have the said job in the application state/region in order to obtain the respective employer’s guarantee.

The local employers will be able to sponsor skilled workers from overseas. The list of occupations for DAMA is a rather extensive one with multiple occupations making to the list. They are mainly in the agriculture, hotel catering, hospitality and tourism industries as well as also incorporating bakers, baristas, bus drivers, carpenters and chefs. A total of 117 occupations comprise of the list. The applicants is also allowed to apply for the status of permanent resident of Australia after living there for 3 years.

In an awry revelation from last year, it is also evident that the applications for the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS) visa subclass 482 have seen a gradual decline. Recently the DAMA extended to the Great South Coast Region. All in all DAMA’s comparatively low requirements, a more extensive and incorporating occupations list and rather lenient English language requirements are a welcoming sign for those who are planning to immigrating to the Australia.

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