Newsletter For The Month Of September 2018.


The Tornbull Government in Australia is exploring new avenues and ways of adjusting the migration population in Australia. Due to the overwhelming effects of over population in major metropolitan cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Changes in New South Wales State Legislation Beneficial for Skilled Migrants:
A new wave of changes in the New South Wales (NSW) state legislation will provide an added advantage of earning additional points, upto five, in the visa application process of skilled migration Read More
Australian Citizenship Test”- A Limitless Opportunity for Australian Citizenship
The Australian citizenship test is a key to gain the privilege of Australian citizenship. Immigrants have the opportunity to take these tests as many times as they can and want. Read More
A New Opportunity on Board Awaiting for Western Australia Students
A new opportunity and a moment of opportunity is awaiting for post graduate students of Western Australia. According to the sources issued by Western Australian government, Read More


The Victorian International student Conference 2018, which was held in Melbourne, on 21stAugust pledged to strategize educational system through a couple of agendas and policies envisioned. Major strategies to work and look upon in the conference included mechanisms and methods to work upon educational policies of National Strategy.


The Fair work commission has reiterated and printed regarding the working conditions and rights of the international students. According to their publications, international students possess similar rights to work,


The world Federation of colleges conference is expected to be held in Melbourne dated 8TH TO 10TH OCTOBER 2018, whereas massive amount of students have already registered themselves for the event. The event will be a hosting place for tens of thousands of students to gain exposure regarding their career fields, where educational agents,

Newsletter For The Month Of August 2018.

Possibility of Skilled occupation list to be abridged

The skilled occupations list which is anticipated to be released soon, shall be condensed and abridged as some occupations may get removed. According to the news issued by Department of Jobs and Small Business, responsible for employment and work aspects of Australia.

Permanent Residency-on its way for Skilled Workers

Under the auspices of the new Global Talent Scheme, highly skilled workers will be able to polish their skills and ultimately secure permanent residency. Effective from July onwards,

Business registration in Australia; now a lucid matter

The Business Registration service was launched in April 2017 and since then, there has been a surge of business registrations, owing to the easy and clear procedure of the newly introduced service.

Unplanned Immigration: A Bane for Australian Natives
According to the latest trends of migration, Australia is set to see unfavorable circumstances due to unmanaged immigration trends.


Australia amongst the best countries for visa free entry:

According to the Henley Passport Index, Australia has been ranked as the sixth most suitable country in terms of visa free entry. The Australian visa holder can have access to 183 countries. Whereas Japan and Germany are placed on first places, See More

What’s Special Coming up in Melbourne?
Melbourne is known as one of the most livable cities of Australia. It caters a couple of events and oppurtunities for many people throughout the year. This year, Melbourne is bringing something special in the months of August and September for tourism lovers. See More

Magnificent Oppurtunity for International Students

The Victorian International Student conference, 2018 which is expected to take place in the month of August is an opportune event for international students in Melbourne. The event will be held on 20th and 21st August, where international students can have a chance to meet staffs of TAFE schools, See More

Australia One Step Ahead In International Students Intake

The University College London carried a recent research on the overseas students and their intake in countries. The research states that more international students are now travelling to Australia and the country has been shifted one place up above UK for taking international students in its boundaries. See More

Newsletter For The Month Of July 2018.

Australian Visas: Pay more to get more!


Owing to the latest migration and visa policies transformation taking place in Australia, there has been a change in visa costs as well. While it may or may not be difficult to achieve Australian visa depending upon personal circumstances, there shall be an accentuation in the fee that applicants will have to pay.

The Australian government has intended to accumulate $410 million dollars from this visa fee, extending to a four year time duration from 2017 to 2021 .For students, visa fee has been increased from $560 to $575 from July. Other categories of visa like employee visa, sponsored and skilled visas shall experience increment with different ranges.

Revised skill occupation list: Watch out your occupation!

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The new financial year from July, 2018 will witness a couple of changes in skill occupation list. Each year, changes are made in visa conditions and occupations of various types. According to immigration experts, the department of Jobs and Small Business shall experience changes. If an occupation is shifted from one level to the other, the applicant faces issues resulting in repercussions. Some of the occupations like Middle School Teacher, Textile Clothing and Footwear Mechanic, Insurance Loss Adjustor, Watch and Clock Maker, Repairer and Footballer shall be affected the most according to this revised list. Whereas management accounting shall be moved to short term list from medium level, occupations of Civil Engineer and Agricultural Consultant shall be removed from the list.

Good news for Migrants: Plain Sailing English requirements introduced

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If you are planning to apply for citizenship, you may be relieved to know that there has been a relaxation in English requirements for it. This act is part of the recent visa and immigration revisions by Department of Home Affairs. According to resources gathered, Federal Government’s citizenship reforms have been introduced and the English language requirement of IELTS shall be replaced by a conversational English requirement, if one intends to apply for citizenship. These changes shall be made to facilitate migrants and permanent residents, who can then apply for citizenship.

The test required for this shall be based on format of conversational and primary school level. Previously, a government’s bill was passed by which an IELTS score of 6 Bands was required. However, the bill got reaped out in Senate due to opposition from Labor, Greens and some crossbenchers.

Australian skilled migration applicants: In Dire straits

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The Australian skilled migration applicants shall have to face challenges ahead due to revised policies of Skilled Migration Independent (Visa 189).The revision, effective from 1st July, 2018, shall now require skilled migrant applicants of Australia to increase their points to 65 points, if they want to attain Skilled Migration (Visa 189). Formerly, skilled visa migrants were supposed to have 60 points as a criterion to gain this visa. The new requirement of 65 points shall be a dilemma for skilled visa applicants who now have 60 points and cannot apply with these points.